Caribbean Voodoo Spellcaster

Bondye, the Good God of VodouTranquility and peace of mind are two things that most people want out of life.

To get this peace of mind you must rid yourself of the elements that are potentially dangerous and are creating fears and uncertainty in your life.

I come from a family of very powerful spell makers. We heal and perform ceremonies to call or pacify the spirits and create potions for various purposes. I deal with everything from love to death, casting spells and creating protection. I work with various spirits of family members as well as the major forces of the universe; good, evil, reproduction, health and all aspects of daily life.

There are certain spells that require more. When a person dies the Gros-bon-ange (big good angel) goes to the underwater place. A year and a day after he/she goes there, the relatives can recall the Gros-bon-ange. Unfortunately this can be a very expensive service, requiring a significant small animal sacrifice. There is often considerable time before this service can be done. If too much time passes the ancestors may get a bit restless and cause trouble or illness.

Many loas can be traced all the way back to African gods: Ogoun the warrior/blacksmith god, Erzulie the goddess of love. Other loas are ancestor spirits, spirits of the dead (although really, even African gods like Ogoun are primordial ancestor spirits). Traditional loas like Ogoun and Erzulie are often represented more for their visual attributes than spiritual similarities. So Damballah the snake god is associated with St. Patrick (depicted treading on a snake).

Let me help you rid yourself of your fears and realize your desire for peace of mind. These things are truly possible with the right help. If you have gone to others, paid a lot of money and received no satisfaction don’t give up. I can help you.

I am fourth generation of spell casting. My roots are in Africa and Haiti.

*All spells are designed for you...
The Original Voodoo Witch cannot insure the success of your spell(s).
Results may vary from person to person.


*All spells are designed for you

Caribbean Voodoo Spellcaster cannot insure the success of your spell(s).
Results may vary from person to person.